Our briquettes are manufactured from sawdust, 100% from the manufacture of our own products. Thanks to this the humidity of the material ranges between 8% and 10% and the wood is the highest quality pinewood. RUF briquettes are the most environment-friendly, clean and alternative energy sources when compared with coal, coke or fuel oil, providing efficient and cost-effective heating for your house or company. Briquettes may also be used as a fireplace fuel. They are easy to store, which is an additional asset.

The most important qualities:
– The number of RUF briquettes per package – 12 pieces
– Package weight – 10 kg
– A pallet contains 96 packages
– Heating value – 19 000 kJ/kg

– easy and clean storage
– low ash content
– minimum amount of soot
– very high calorific value
– ash can be used as garden fertilizer

Pine bark

Pine bark is a mulching material and is popularly used in our gardens. It looks nice and shows good usability characteristics.
It is perfectly suitable for mulching of trees and bushes which like acid soil (conifers, azaleas, rhododendrons, heather).
It prevents weed growing and keeps high soil humidity. It is a perfect thermal insulation during the winter period. When decomposing, it gives an acid reaction, creating a favourable microclimate of the ground.

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